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At PRG, we recognize the multitude of risks inherent in today’s business environment. Taxes must be paid accurately and on time; new hires must be properly reported; Workers’ Compensation allocations must be accurately tracked; the list goes on. And if your company provides employee benefit plans, there’s the complex and often confusing web of ERISA compliance issues.

How can PRG help you?

Our Best Practices and Compliance group can help CFOs keep pace with current rules, regulations, market trends and emerging issues. We can show you how to reduce your company’s risk profile through strong internal controls and improved business practices. We continually work with our clients to provide resources for monitoring key risk areas:

  Employment tax calculation and reporting
  Statutory reporting requirements, such as new hire reporting
  Classification of employment types and status
  Workers’ Compensation allocation and tracking
  Cost allocation methodologies
  Manual vs. automated time and attendance methods
  Accurate payroll data transfer to your general ledger
  ERISA compliance for group health, flex spending, and retirement plans

Our leadership team of seasoned professionals is assisted by our on-staff experts in workforce management, payroll, benefits and human resources administration. Let PRG show you the best way to comply with your internal and external requirements.

As venture capitalists, emerging companies look to us for recommendations to establish best business practices for our seed companies.

McKenna Ventures uses Payroll Resource Group, and I recommend PRG to all the companies we fund.

No question, PRG provides the best Human Capital Management services in the market today!

Eric Hall, CFO, McKenna Ventures, LLC., San Francisco, CA
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