Sonata Software is a leading global enterprise software solution and technology Innovation Company, and a PRG client for over 20 years. They partner with US technology giants Microsoft and IBM.  The HQ is in Bangalore, India, with 2,700 employees worldwide, including 130 in the US, based in Fremont, California, with a branch office in Redmond, Washington, to better connect with Microsoft.  They are also expanding into additional states, with key employees in Bridgewater, NJ, Chicago and New Mexico.

In India, Sonata has 3 major development centers in Bangalore, and a fourth one in Hyderabad. They also have a presence in Europe (UK and Germany), and in Dubai.

“We depend totally on PRG (for our US payroll),” says Shreedhara J N, International Operations Manager, in the Bangalore HQ, who is in charge of Compliance, tax filings and payroll. “Payroll taxes – they are ever changing in every state. PRG is good at keeping us updated about the tax requirements.” Shreedhara adds: “Our Account Specialist has been very helpful. He coordinates with folks from India. He keeps constant conversation with Mr. Kulkarni, who does the major payroll in India, to get things set up.”

Reshmi Naheed, Assistant Manager-HR for Sonata in the Fremont, CA office, says “The PRG system is quite user-friendly.  It’s easy to enter data, from India and the US. There is no problem in terms of support. PRG is responsible for various tax payments. She continues “We are getting new employees in new states, PRG has been quite helpful setting up the taxes.  We can rely on our Account Specialist, I’ve personally spent the last 9 years working with PRG.”

Sonata Software’s Innovation and New Technologies in the US:  Their remarkable growth coupled with a strong balance sheet has been the result of continued efforts to engage with their customers as a transformational IT service provider, with deeper knowledge, client commitment and bringing to bear their expertise on technologies like omni-channel commerce, mobile, big data analytics, social and cloud to their business process. During the year 2013-14, Sonata Software was fittingly named Hybris’ most innovative partner, and Microsoft named them the Azure Cloud Partner of the year. While strengthening existing partnerships with large firms such as Microsoft and IBM, Sonata forged new partnerships with leading technology firms and solution providers such as StorSimple, Moovweb etc. As a part of expanding near shore service delivery capabilities, they opened a Development Centre facility at Redmond, USA and also opened operations in Australia.