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Employment Tax

Payroll management is not merely the process of generating paychecks each pay period. It’s also about the accurate and timely calculation and payment of employee and employer taxes.

The government expects you to know how much is due each pay period. Why waste time studying new tax laws and reporting requirements when the experts at PRG can do it for you? We take care of filing all employment returns with federal, state, and local agencies.

Tax Calculation and Deposit

We guarantee accurate calculation of your payroll taxes, and maintain responsibility for timely tax payments to federal, state and local agencies. PRG computes applicable tax liabilities, and we automatically deposit the amount with the federal or state taxing agency on the date it is due. We prepare all quarterly and annual tax returns, including W2, 940, W3, and state unemployment returns. Payments are made on time and penalty free, while meeting all electronic filing requirements.

Business Tax Services

We utilize the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), and can assist you with meeting electronic payment requirements for federal and state business taxes.

Record Maintenance

PRG prepares and distributes complete records of all your business tax filings. We maintain historic records and can assist you in due diligence or audit requests.

Penalty Protection

We protect our clients from payroll penalties by providing full compliance with all federal and state tax regulations and filing requirements.

Create your own HCM plan

Pick and choose only the services you need, and create your own, custom HCM solution. PRG offers the ultimate in à la carte flexibility for any size business.
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