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Plan Administration

PRG provides plan administration, bill reconciliation, and compliance services, all fully integrated with our HCM solutions. We offer:

Group Health Plan Administration

Let our on-staff benefits administration experts assist you with tailored plan administration for your medical, dental, vision, life, and disability plans.

Flexible Spending Accounts and Premium Only Plans

Our full-service administration group manages pre-tax FSAs or Section 125 plans, and our web-based employee self-service tool and payroll integration for claims management does the rest.

Section 529 Education Plans

Your employees can save for college education expenses (for themselves or for their family members) on a tax-advantaged basis. PRG provides timely and accurate reports to your Plan Administrator, and automatically transfers funds to investment options after each payroll.

HSAs, HRAs and
the Affordable Care Act

Keeping abreast of best practices integration is a challenge that PRG’s benefits team faces head-on.

401(k) and Other Retirement Plans

We provide your Plan Administrator with the reporting information necessary to manage your plan. Timely data transmittal and transfer of funds to your company’s investment options after each payroll ensures accuracy and compliance with ERISA guidelines.

Commuter Benefit Programs

Take advantage of the tax savings made possible by the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), covering qualified transit, van pool, and parking expenses. Our payroll system generates a reimbursement directly to a participating employee’s paycheck, with no separate bank account needed.

Create your own HCM plan

Pick and choose only the services you need, and create your own, custom HCM solution. PRG offers the ultimate in à la carte flexibility for any size business.
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