PRG BETA TESTERS: Developing PRG’s Own HCM System

Payroll Resource Group not only utilizes the most advanced Payroll and Human Resource technology currently available in the sector; we’re also strongly committed to developing our own proprietary Human Capital Management (HCM) system.  Heading up this endeavor is Matthew McBride, a PRG Account Specialist.

Matthew is currently working closely with over thirty “beta testing” PRG clients, along with our team of professional software developers to define and refine the new Human Capital Management (HCM) system, and was able to answer some questions:


Q:  What specific functions will this new HCM system perform?

A:  The HCM is specifically being tailored to be your “one-stop shop” for all employee and company management functions.  These features include, but are not limited to: Employee Self-Service, Employee Onboarding, Time-Off Approval Workflow, Benefits Tracking, Payroll Processing, and much more.


Q:  How is it linked to Payroll?

A:  The HCM is developed to be a front-end gateway for all company and employee information held within PRG’s systems.  All payroll data is immediately transferred into HCM (no wait-time) and is available at the manager or employee’s fingertips.


Q:  I’ve heard it will be completely integrated, what are the components, and how is integration an advantage?

A:  Any change a client makes to company data through the HCM  immediately updates the database.  The client will have administrator access to any piece of information they desire.  This includes items like company demographics, tax information, employee role-management, etc.


Q:  What are the differences between this new HCM system in development and the current system at PRG?

A:  The primary front-end software currently used by clients is called Payentry, which is a very powerful and trusted payroll management tool.  With the HCM, PRG seeks not only to match the payroll processing power of Payentry but also expand the breadth of functionality at the client’s fingertips that are rivaled by only the most popular HRIS tools.


Q:  What advantages will it have over other HCM options currently available on the market?

A:  As mentioned, the sheer utility of our HCM means that the days of utilizing three or four different third-party tools in conjunction is over.  Payroll Resource Group isn’t just seeking to match the functionality of many very different company management products but sets out to exceed the capabilities of every single one of them, all in one package.


Q:  When is it projected to be available?

A:  Our HCM is currently available for client use.  The product is in Beta Test form without a projected potential full release date.  It passes rigorous testing before it even reaches our “Beta Testing” clients, but their bug reports and feedback is still incredibly important.  Several features are already fully functional and more are being rolled out weekly.


Q:  What types of clients is it designed for?

A:   Employee management tools see value in companies of all sizes and sector.  There are currently no limits to the size of company able to take advantage of the HCM.  If you’re always seeking better ways to measure the efficacy of your company and all its moving parts, the HCM should apply to you.


Q:  Will it be compatible with other systems, if so which ones?

A:  We are constantly expanding the compatibility of HCM with regards to third-party systems.  The product is being developed by our own team of in-house developers who have a direct line to our feedback and recommendations, which means we have full control of the product’s functionality.  The more compatible our HCM system is with other systems, the more beneficial it will become.


Q:  Any idea about pricing yet?

A:  PRG is currently not charging our Beta Test clients for the product as they are providing a valuable service to us.  Potential pricing options are being considered for some of the more advanced features, but the idea is to keep the costs as low as possible, and within market ranges.


Q:  What does the Beta Test process involve?

A:  Our clients would simply utilize the new product as they normally would a finished product.  If a bug is found, they report it to us.  If a client has feedback regarding possible functionality, or even “look and feel,” we take it all into consideration.


Q:  Who can get involved as a Beta Tester?

A:  We are only offering Beta Test spots to our current PRG clients who have company data stored within our systems.


Q:  How do you get more information, or get involved?

A:  Contact PRG at:,, tel: (415) 249-4000.